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7 Days Deeper
Self-Transformation Retreat

Beautiful You with Riya is a

7 Days Deeper Self-Transformation Retreat

that empowers you to live as your most

authentic self, full of courageous love.

Do you feel a deep yearning for something “more”?

More than just wanting success in the traditional sense. 

More meaningful relationships. More creative expression. More success aligned with your gifts and values. More vibrant health. More confidence and joy. 

You want a life you love. To fulfill your biggest dreams. 
To live boldly and authentically like you.

What is between ourselves and this kind of MORE is mostly FEAR.

But fear doesn’t have to hold you back.


Beautiful You with Riya is a 7 Days Deeper Self-Transformation Retreat that empowers you to live as your most authentic self, full of courageous love.

Six steps to lasting love alongside guided meditations, daily reflections, and practices for genuine self-care. You’ll transform how you relate to yourself, your life, and what’s possible for both. You will be guided through each step of love and encouraged to cut ties with the pain of the past, learn from your emotions and the wisdom they offer, create a vision for your life that excites you, and claim the confidence to live the life you are destined to live.


By completing this course, you prepare yourself to make a huge impact in the world…. simply by being empowered.

Daily Course Outline:

Day 1: Gratitude & Happiness
Day 2: Reflections & Remembering
Day 3: Love & Relationships
Day 4:
Limiting Beliefs & Liberating Affirmations
Day 5: Freedom in Discipline
Day 6: F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise)
Day 7: Your Legacy & Vision for Life

Be courageous. Be confident. Be happy.

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Here are five key benefits this program offers you:​​

  1. ​Know how to turn any and all limiting beliefs into liberating affirmations (and stay centered, calm, and clear in the face of any challenge).

  2. Let go of expectations and self-criticism, and learn an easy yet effective way to raise your vibration to feel good about yourself and your life.

  3. Make friends with your fears so they can guide you in the most helpful way.

  4. Uncover where you need more love in your life, and learn how to set the past free once and for all.

  5. Live with the confidence and courage to be your most authentic, radiant self and create the life you're destined to live.


This is it: a 10-day Course that gives you the tools and the permission to be fulfilled, happy, and excited by your life.

When you have the courage to be yourself, you are unstoppable.

Meet Your Host


Riya Wang. A Spiritual coach. A visionary leader. A healer. My passion is to help people to connect their soul purpose. I believed each of us browned with our purpose when we are aligned with our true self, connected with our soul purpose, that how we can mastery our dream life, living with our passion and joy.

I helped the people worldwide who are aligned with their true self, connected with their soul purpose, to mastery their dream life.

Be healed, beloved, be inspired with yourself

- Riya.

NEXT STEP JOIN: Riya's 7 Days Deeper Self-Transformation Retreat


A Self-Transformation Retreat that empowers you to live as your most authentic self, full of courageous love.

Registration will close once the program begins so register NOW!

The program begins on May 18th, 2021.

As soon as you register I’ll send you information on how to get started. I'll meet up with you inside! 

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