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Transformational Healing Program


Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck And Afraid To Make The Changes Necessary For A More Meaningful Life?

Transform your life with Riya’s 8-week deep transformation healing program. This course will help you face those fears, free up your creativity, and uncover hidden gifts. You’ll learn how to create meaningful relationships, live authentically and courageously love yourself like never before!

By engaging in this powerful transformation healing program, you can finally take control over your life - be empowered to achieve success while still living true to who YOU are – full of joy and vibrant health. Imagine being able to manifest all that you desire!


Riya will provide you with the tools and resources to help you take action and create a life of abundance. Learn how to break free from habits.

Schedule A Free Consultation with Riya's For 8-Week Deeper Transformational Healing Program Today!

Please take advantage of our limited-time offer and start living an inspired life full of purpose without fear holding you back! This comprehensive program provides a step-by-step road map to help you break through your limitations and achieve success, joy, and fulfillment.

Course Outline


Week 1:

Wheel Of Life

You will discover the aspect of your life that has the least and the most meaning.


Week 5:


We are the limitless awareness across which these thoughts and emotions move and dance.


Week 2:

Root Cause

When we are experiencing an emotion that’s frustrating, it’s the perfect time to stop and explore.


Week 6:

F. E. A. R.

In this session, we will identify yourself and what's the most important thing in your life.


Week 3:

Breaking Patterns

We will identify your judgment about yourself. Identifying how to move forward in life.


Week 7:

Soul Connection

This practice is simply a way of illuminating any beliefs that hold us back from our full potential.


Week 4:

Emotional Awareness

This practice is a simple, effective way to learn to know which emotions you are experiencing.


Week 8:

Legacy and Vision

In this last session, we will discover your true identify and your ultimate goal in life.

Included With 1-on-1 Transformational Healing:
Edited A glimpse of Riya's healing session
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