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 I hadn't been able to find love in my life, what do I do on valentine's Day?

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It was the beginning of February, and Valentine's Day was fast approaching. For most, this meant joyous celebrations with their loved ones, and plenty of gifts exchanged. But for me, it felt overwhelming - I hadn't been able to find love in my life, not even for myself.

I knew that if I wanted to be truly happy on Valentine's Day, I needed to learn how to fill my own love tank up - without any help from someone else. So I decided that instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the romantic gestures around me this year, I would focus on developing a balanced self-care routine and learning how to love myself deeply and truly.

Mental well-being & Physical health well-being

Once these basic needs were met, it became much easier for me to focus on looking after my mental well-being as well, setting aside time each day dedicated explicitly to activities like journaling about what made me smile during the day or creating affirmations reminding me why I am worthy of loving and being loved in return. This helped build up inner confidence within myself, allowing me space to start exploring areas such as mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga, which helped bring balance into my life - both mentally and emotionally speaking!


Finally, once my physical health & mental well-being had improved noticeably over time due to these new habits, then came the most important part: learning how actually practice self-love every single day until it became second nature… Doing things like treating yourself with kindness whenever possible (without guilt!), allowing yourself moments away from your everyday worries by reading books you enjoy or watching movies/series you adore… Allowing yourself moments where everything else is put aside so you can relax completely – because taking care of YOU is one of the best investments anyone can make in themselves!

Doing all these above-mentioned activities consistently over weeks & months eventually filled my 'love tank' back up again... And now here we are today – celebrating a different kind-hearted version of Valentine's Day full of self-love & appreciation rather than trying desperately to seek validation externally through others!

"Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice. It takes love." – Maza Dohta

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