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Self-Transformation & Spiritual Direction

Are you overachievers who yearn for change but are immobilized by fear release obsolete beliefs, behaviors & emotions? That makes you lose balance in your life?

I am here to guide you to do what you naturally do best—instead of struggling against the currents of your natural capacities. Focus on building strengths—not improving weaknesses. Truly understanding this concept can lead to a profound shift in self-perception, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.
Live in your self-mastery.

Services provided

- Life Coaching
- Diversity & Inclusion 
- Healthcare Consulting

- Career Development Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- Business Consulting

I am available for online Counseling and Spiritual Direction appointments in all areas of life, such as entrepreneurship, relationships, and even simply just being. I am here to serve and support you in deepening your spiritual practice, cultivating your intuition, and developing healthy lifestyle routines within a context of spiritual care that honors and serves the divine wholeness present in every soul. With over  20 years of extensive knowledge and the wisdom from my own healing journey, you will find support and guidance for your own transformations. 

I will guide you to a more joyous, fulfilling life with the help of tools such as Meditation practices, Consciousness Healing, Navigating life's challenges, Grief counseling, Sound Healing Therapy, Theta Healing, Affirmation of self-love, and more.

From Self-doubt to Self-healing to then Self-empowerment.

Are you ready to take on a journey of healing? 

Find out what type of meditation is for you.

The story of the soul's journey is embedded within every human voice.

In the human energy system the sequence of sounds produced from the planets at the moment of our birth is mirrored. This pattern is a blueprint of forces and patterns and we each have our own special 'song-print.' This planetary sound pattern is also expressed in the speaking voice frequency pattern. Our voice is encoded in the stars' album! We can unlock our full potential by using these sound keys and open gateways for healing.

Our voice bears the gift of creative force and tells the world how we will relate to it. Individual voices are arranged in tones which represent one's body-mind-spirit 's energetic blueprint.


Transformation Healing

My passion is to help people who want to change their life and align with their soul's purpose to bring more joy and happiness to their life. 

Join me for a Deep Conversation on my Tuesday Podcast "Transformation Healing"

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I believe each of us who come to this world has our own purpose. When you align with your purpose, you can create your life with passion and joy to help empower and inspire others. I am Riya Wang. Welcome to my podcast. “Discover your Soul"

If you are interested in joining my Tuesday “Transformation Healing” podcast interview.  Please schedule with me if you want to share your story and I will connect with you!


art of healing

Riya is such a kind and high vibrating soul. She is a model of continued growth and learning while being connected to her soul's purpose.

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Leslie Gunterson

I love the way you wove the topics of Ayurveda, sound healing and astrology so seamlessly and connected the dots in such an easily understandable manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the training ❤

Vanessa Nixon.png

Vanessa Nixon Klein

Wow! I was totally blown away with this challenge! I really didn’t know what to expect when I started , but it has certainly exceeded my expectations! This challenge was filled with so much insight. I found Riya to be immensely knowledgeable in all of her topics. Riya, your experience and knowledge speaks volumes. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this 5 day journey and for this wonderful and enlightening experience. You are an inspiration!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Anna Sawa

Can’t wait to catch up with you to hear all about it.
This challenge was so packed with so much insight and information and still a calm experiential. You are a wonderful generous hostess and presenter


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Theresa Walsh Velendzas