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The purpose of the Meditation Courses is to help people learn about their true selves by connecting their spirits to wake up to the Tree of life in the body using Tibetan singing bowls with sound vibration or any other modality that opens the body’s energy centers. 

Meditation Courses are online classes via zoom, done at a time agreed upon on by Riya and the client.

Find out what type of meditation is for you:


Writing Meditation 

Writing is a form of meditation.


Writing meditation works by giving you the ability to connect your active mind and your meditating mind. In doing so, it helps you curb your restlessness, let's you be more aware of the present moment and makes you become more productive. 

Manifesting the Creativity of the Heart

Through painting, you can manifest creativity which connects with your source of energy and inner self. So, you can bring out unknown emotions, change limiting patterns and beliefs, and become a peaceful and happy person who sends out and receives positive energy.

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