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How to Find Your Soul Tone

The origin of life is creation. Beautiful creations bring us happiness. We are born with a genetic blueprint. 

The sound of our lost soul can be found through planetary calculations and scientific sound tests. Finding the voice of the soul can find the mantra that belongs to it, connect the true self and create a creative life.

Riya's private sessions are for people who have aspects in their lives that are imbalanced. These sessions are to help people restore their body's balance and natural biorhythms. 

Meet with Riya and discover your body's imbalances. Use astrological charts and singing bowls to help heal your body's frequency. 

Find out what type of meditation is for you.


Sound Healing in Water

The vibration of sound travels faster in water than the air. Therefore, it really brings the body and the mind in to deep relaxation and at the same time releases any negative emotion.

Mantra Meditation

Chanting involves singing or reciting a phrase or mantra repititively. The repitition of sacred words and mantras allow you to elevate from your physical aspect to a higher place. 

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