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Guided Meditation Scripts


What is included in this package?


You can get access to 9 different categories of Guided Meditation Scripts and Each category has 7 PDFs with different topics with a total of 63 Guided Meditation Scripts.


- Compassion, Love, & Forgiveness Scripts

- Stress & Anxiety Scripts

- Relaxation, Presence, Happiness, & Acceptance Scripts

- Gratitude Scripts

- Mindfulness of Emotions & Thoughts Scripts

- Pain Management Scripts

- Consciousness, Higher Self, & Wisdom Scripts12:03kana b

- Leadership, Confidence, Focus, & Energy Scripts

- Sensory, Body Scan, & Movement Scripts

“By teaching you to relax and increase your attention, this meditation script will assist you in your day to day life.”

Guided Meditation Scripts

$199.99 Regular Price
$99.98Sale Price
  • What exactly do you get in this package?

    This package will help you to have a better understanding within yourself. By having this, it will guide you step by step to bring back your awareness into your emotions that will associate with your feelings.

    This package will also help you to relax and calm your mind. The act of focusing the mind to relax, develop inner awareness, and generate positive mental or physical changes.
    Scripts must be applied physically and not by just reading it. To have a better outcome, “Act on what you have read in the scripts.” to see the result.

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