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It's finally arrived! We've compiled a thorough collection of self-care quizzes. This will assist you in locating and assessing your current dosha balance in your mind, as well as determining your dosha type.

This quiz was created to assist you in discovering your best self - mind, body, and soul.

So why wait another minute? Your best you is waiting inside.

Vikruti Quiz: Mind

These questions are intended to assess your current dosha balance within your mind. Answer these questions according to what has been true for you in the past few weeks.
You may retake this assessment anytime or as you experience changes in your life

Prakruti Quiz

The three Doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—are a central element of Ayurveda and the basis of what makes it such a personalized approach to health. Identifying your dosha-type in this quiz is the first step toward understanding yourself and creating your Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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