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Singing bowls produce sound vibrations which stimulate the brain and invoke a state of relaxation by matching the brain's frequency. 

Sound Healing uses resonance and intention as a way of healing the body, mind and spirit.

The Singing Bowl Meditation sessions are conducted live via video conference at a time agreed upon by Riya and the client. 

Find out what type of meditation is for you:


Individual Session

When we set our intention and put an effort into healing by regularly practicing sound healing meditation we are able to access a peaceful state of inner balance.

Intention, thought and belief are integral parts of practicing sound healing. 

Whatever your intention and belief is, it will affect your healing process greatly.

🍃 20 Minute Meditation

Spend 20 minutes with Riya to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom)

🍃 45 Minute Meditation

Dive deeper and connect with yourself more with this

45 minute meditation session with Riya

Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom)

🍃 Meditation for People With Cognitive Disability

Meditation can help you improve your ability to be attentive, it can help you to observe your thoughts and actions and can help you boos your self esteem.
Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom)

How to use the 7 Chakras


Learning how to use the 7 Chakras help us to become more in tune with the natural activities of our body. It also integrates our mind, spirit and soul, maintaining the balance of our mental and emotional health for better spiritual awareness.

1. Sit quietly, and let the tension, stress and anxiety slide away.

2. Focus and feel the base of your spine, while pulsating and rotating your breath.

3. Feel the warmth of a bright, orange spinning light. Again, notice how it moves with your breath.

4. Feel the center of your chest where your heart is, you might instinctively place your hand over this spot but don't lose your concentration.

5. Next, bring your attention to the throat. 

6. Bring your attention up to the space between your eyebrows, your third eye. Imagine that it keeps spinning and becoming brighter.

7. Lastly, bring your attention to the very top of your head. The vibrant, spinning violet light that shines right out of the top of your body. Free your mind, feel the peace.

Group Session

During Sound Healing, we aim to have a tranquil mind so that we can boost and organize our inner consciousness. 

Group Sessions are for people who like to have extra support during meditation. Having a good support system around you while meditating can make your meditation experience more meaningful.

How can Children benefit from Meditation

Meditation Improves Focus and Concentration, it is an opportunity for a child to improve mental focus and brain function. It helps them how to deal with stressful situations and help regulate their emotions.

Practice of Meditation Improves Children's Behavior, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn, reduce impulsivity, help children to become more self-aware and boost their self-esteem.


🍃 20 Minute Meditation

Choose your own group members and freely decide on a

time you want.

Minimum of 5 people.

Spend 20 minutes with Riya and an effective support group to develop the habit of meditating and bring in more positive results.

Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom)

🍃 45 Minute Meditation

Choose your own group members and freely decide on a

time you want.

Minimum of 5 people.

There is strength in numbers, with this extended meditation session group session, you will be able to cultivate a higher healing power.

Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom)

🍃 Children Group Meditation

Kids can choose their own group and freely decide on a time they want.

Minimum of 5 kids.

Introduce meditation to your kids early. Meditation helps your kids develop a better emotion regulation strategies, build better emotional resilience, improves their sleep and ability to focus.

Mode of Meditation: Virtual (Via Zoom) 

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Benefits of Sound Healing


🍃 Stress reduction

The soothing sounds of a singing bowl helps your brain to cope with stress better.

🍃 Decreased anger, anxiety, depression, and fear 

Sound vibrations create a healing environment for the body.

🍃 Improved memory and increased focus 

Sound healing lowers the brain wave frequency to help you focus more. 

🍃 Restore natural biorhythms

Sound healing has the ability to make your body regain it's right frequency that can restore your breathing, circulation and sleep cycle.

🍃 Create a better workplace 

Sound Healing helps create a better work place through reducing stress and letting go of negative emotions which can help your employees have better decision making skills and better work output.

Sound Meditation

Sound has deep ties with meditation and healing.


Sound is used in some ways to lift the spirit and enhance the meditation process. 


Sound resonates with us in all aspects from emotional to mental to physical. 

Sound combined with meditation can help reduce tension and stress while increasing your spiritual well-being.

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