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It is a strange city where you can feel like a dweller and an alien at the same time. It is ancient, modern progressive, and sometimes regressive, all at once.   
– Richa Chadda


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Varanasi is a destination that my dearest friend from Mumbai India. Komal said that I should visit. It’s the oldest most populated city in India and is considered as one of the holiest places in Hinduism. Very early in the morning, I am awake with all the sounds coming from outside my window. The dogs barking, kids shouting, cars running, bells ringing, all noise that you can imagine. I am lying on my bed, weak and my eyes are still close, I know I had the same dream again. Since I arrived in this city, I have been having the same dream in three days


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Meet Riya Wang

Namaste, I'm Riya Wang. 

I'm a meditation teacher and creative spiritual  mentor who's passion is to heal holistically. 
I have over 27 years of experience with energy healing and body work. 
I travel the world to pursue my spiritual journey and learn more about sound healing, meditation and other arts of healing.
For the past years, I have immersed myself in other cultures and shared my journey with other people as well as hear and learn from their experiences.
Other people learned from me and I learned from them. I  believe that sharing is healing. 
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