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What is Chanting Meditation?

Chanting involves singing or reciting a phrase or mantra repetitively. The repetition of sacred words and mantras allow you to elevate from your physical aspect to a higher place.

Some mantras and their meanings:

🍃 Aham Brahmasmi [Uhum Bruh-mah-smee]

This mantra reflects our union with our higher self. The hope of this mantra is to love and respect each and every being in this world.

🍃 Sat Chit Ananda [Saht Chit Ah-nuhn-dah]

This mantra reveals that the reality in relation to our divine mind has magic in it and how there is love, bliss, joy and light around us and we need to be aware to revel in it.

🍃 Om Daksham Namah [Ohm Dahk-shuhm Nuh-mah]

This mantra manifests the 80/20 Rule. It means that you align yourself with the universe so that your minimal actions achieve maximum effort.

Who is this course for?

🍃 People who are experiencing tension in their bodies.

🍃 People who are experiencing problems with concentrating.

🍃 People who are experiencing problems with sleeping.

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“The person who has found the key-note to their voice has found the key to their life.”
Hazrat Inayat Khan

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