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A dream from my heart

Dreams reveal your soul. It is a mirror of your past or a glimpse of your future.

It was morning during breakfast. After eating some banana pancakes, I had a bad stomach; I am not sure if it’s because of the food or the black tea. Richard gave me two pills to help with the indigestion. I met Richard in February this year in Luxor Egypt. After we exchanged Social media information we have kept in touch. This is what I like when I travel, I meet lots of nice people and we share a lot of stories

Varanasi is a destination that My friend from India, Komal, said I should visit. It’s the oldest most populated city in India and is considered as one of the holiest places in Hinduism. This City of Lights attracts pilgrims from all over the world, to bathe in the Ganges River to wash away their sins in the sacred waters or to do funeral rites.

So, I met him . We are great friends. He is a great person and a great photographer.

Day 4 - After breakfast and taking some pills I slept all morning. Half a sleep, I felt like I was standing although I knew that I was lying down. I moved down the bed and removed the pillow. Finally feeling like I am lying on my bed and not standing on it. (Explain that the city and being gives illusion of “feeling” Weirdness)

When I was walking in the river, I saw a guy and we started talking. He started telling me stories. This guy is (introduce the guy who told you the story) , He looks very clean and good looking. The way he talks seems very sharp and smart. Then he talks about the fact that he must go at 2 am to find some dead brain to eat and that is not pleasant for him either, but he accepted the challenge which is part of how they deal with fear. This practice makes his physical body young and live longer.Unbelievable.

I ask him if he can see and feel the energy from other people. He looked at me and said yes (Insert picture)

Since last night’s talk with that guy about Aghoris.I feel that what we talked about makes me feel ______, I started researching more about it, The type hidden in Hindu traditional Sacred religions. They eat the human brain. I felt an unusual energy come all over me.I immediately felt a nervous cold running through my entire body.

After all that I heard, I did feel shocked about the information. It’s not that I don’t know India has an unusual religion. The river symbolizes both life and death and it’s for all to see. The busy streets, the noise from both humans and animals are loud and distracting. Because this is the holy place for burning the dead bodies.I am reaching out and asking Komal. (Search more here)

I am still sleeping in my bed, weak and my eyes are still close, I know I had the same dream again. (Add more- Three days I am having the same dream) In my dream I see myself standing on a small island in the river looking at the sky during a beautiful sunrise. This is truly special because that island is not visible during monsoon season. It’s so tiny when the water rises in the river the island disappears.

I wonder why I am having the same dream , I hear someone whisper to me “You've been here before…” I wonder where the voice came from and if I've been here before in my past life. I start my meditation at 5 in the morning. I ask this holy place to give me only light and love. Afterwards I started writing in my diary and these words came to me… ( ________ )

I remembered you (my soul)

Ommmm, ahhhhh,

It is not that I don’t remember you.

It just I left so long, so long ago..

It’s not I don’t sing a song to you.

It just I lost my voice in somewhere

oh where, oh where , oh where...

It’s not I don’t love you...

It just I forgot how to be love and loved

It’s not I don’t love you...

it just I am lost in somewhere,

oh somewhere, somewhere...

I am now here

I am now here

My voice, my love, my soul

Ommm, ahhhh...

my tears running from my eyes,

my heartwarming from my voice,

I heard you, I hear you,

I remembered you, my soul,

I am here now...

I am here now....

My voice, my love, my soul

Dreams reveal your soul. It is a mirror of your past or a glimpse of your future.

Thank you Varanasi!

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