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Elevate Your Self-Love

Healing Through Quantum Coaching

This course combines the concepts of healing, coaching, and quantum principles into a 7-week program designed to facilitate personal transformation.

What is Quantum Coaching?

Quantum coaching is a holistic emotional healing method that combines traditional coaching with quantum physics. It focuses on how thoughts and emotions, as energy, impact physical and mental health. This approach aids in identifying and releasing negative thoughts and behaviors, often addressing past traumas and limiting beliefs for personal growth. It enhances self-awareness and connects individuals with the universe, exploring the mind-body-spirit relationship.


Overall, quantum coaching is effective for overcoming trauma, deepening self-understanding, and fostering a more fulfilling future.

What's in it for me?

Are you ready to take control of your emotional well-being and unlock inner peace?


Our 7-week program on Healing Through Quantum Coaching

offers several key benefits centered around enhancing mental, emotional, and physical well-being:

Enhanced Mind-Body and Self-Awareness

Discover quantum healing principles and practice mind-body exercises and meditation for better understanding of mental health impacts.

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Negative Pattern Transformation


Learn to identify and alter negative thought patterns for personal growth.

Healing and Release

You'll learn techniques to release anxiety and fear trapped in the body.

Freedom from Negativity & Stress

Gain the keys to emotional freedom and break free from negativity and stress

promoting relaxation.

Lasting Well-Being


Cultivate emotional well-being that lasts, leading to a happier, healthier you.

Join us on this transformative journey and discover the incredible benefits of

Healing Through Quantum Coaching.

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7-Weeks Program

Week 1

Introduction to Quantum Healing

Week 2

Identifying Negative Patterns

Week 3

Releasing Anxiety and Fear

Week 4

Emotional Processing and Trauma Healing

Week 5

Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Week 6

Developing Inner Wisdom and Intuition

Week 7

Integration and Future Planning

It's time to invest in yourself and embrace a life filled with emotional balance and positivity.

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What others are saying about this course.

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Meet Your Coach

Riya Wang


➡️ Certified Chopra Life Coach

➡️ Certified Chopra Teacher

➡️ Certified Chopra Ayurveda educator

➡️ Certified State Of California Sound Healing Therapy

➡️ Transformation Healing Podcast Host

➡️ International Bestselling Author - Awakened Leaders


Founder of Zenquency Art Of Healing, a Certified Chopra Life Coach. Transformation Healing Mentor.


After 25 years in the health wellness spa business, in 2018, Riya sold her business, house, sold everything she owned. She went on a journey to discover her soul's purpose. She spent two and half years solo traveling to 30s countries and over 100s cities to explore and share how healing changed our lives profoundly.


With her worldwide study, she creates a life-changing healing technique to transcendence ourselves with body, mind, and soul alignment. Her teaching include Sound Healing, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork, and Energy Healing.

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