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Tarot Card Reading 

Unlock Your Awareness

7 years ago, my Tarot journey began unexpectedly at the Osho Meditation Center in India when an 80-year-old man named Yamamoto offered me a Tarot reading. This marked the beginning of my profound spiritual journey with Tarot, with Yamamoto becoming my mentor and sharing his 40 years of expertise.

Despite facing cancer 19 years ago, Yamamoto's dedication to Tarot remained unwavering. He divides his time between India and Japan, exemplifying resilience and dedication even in the face of adversity. 

I am thrilled to share some of this wisdom with you by offering Tarot card readings. Inspired by its history, the Tarot has served as a sacred oracle, a spiritual path, and a means of deep meditation. It presents countless avenues to enlightenment and understanding.

If you're seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment in areas such as career, relationships, love, life challenges, and spiritual growth, you're invited to schedule Now.

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🌟 Sacred Path Inner Wisdom Quest (Package of 3)

3 Readings For 3 months $369

Embark on a transformative journey with three months of continuous guidance. This package includes monthly tarot readings and ongoing support to help you manifest your goals and align with your higher self.


These readings offer an intimate look into your current state. Through the cards, you may uncover deep-seated thoughts, desires, and fears you weren't aware of.


Clarity on Life Challenges

Whether you're struggling with a relationship, career decisions, or simply seeking purpose, a Tarot of the Spirit reading can offer you guidance and direction.


Spiritual Growth

This is not just another tarot reading; it's a holistic experience to nurture your spiritual growth. The reading will shed light on your past influences and suggest future paths for spiritual fulfillment.


Decision Making

Often, we find ourselves at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take. This tarot card reading can serve as a spiritual GPS, helping guide your choices and decisions.

Tarot Wisdom One Session $200 

🌟 Delve into the world of spiritual wisdom with ancient techniques that can offer guidance on life's most pressing issues.

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